Electric Tow Hook Kits

Located in Zaragoza, ES-Logic Automotive is a company with proven experience in the manufacture of Electrical Kits for Trailer Hitches. We have total flexibility to adapt and create specialized solutions to any type of difficulty that may arise in assembling such kits in vehicles.

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Our Advantages

  • Complete Manufacturing
    of the Product
  • Logistics and After-Sales Service Guarantee
  • Design and Development Capability
  • Quality and Flexibility
  • Technical Support


Our idea, innovative in this field, is summarized in two main lines:

• Manufacture of highly efficient products.
• Implement simple and flexible solutions, thanks to the fact that our system allows the adaptations of most electrical installations of the couplings.

Related to this, we offer close and quality customer service, together with continuous support in this automotive sector, in which everything evolves very quickly.

ES-Logic Automotive has the necessary software for the development of electronic circuits, both in conventional mode and in multilayer SMD. The designs are carried out completely using CAD programs, starting from the original idea of the product and through a complete initial process of selecting components and programming. Subsequently, each design goes to the “Prototyping” phase, where it is verified under the most extreme conditions to ensure maximum reliability.

We use state-of-the-art components to ensure the highest standards of functionality and performance. Our materials come from well-known brands, to provide the best quality to our products.

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