Product Details

Standard Kit for 13 pins tow bars


All our kits come in two versions for 7 or 13 pin sockets. We recommend the use of a 13 poles socket kit for complex cases, such as caravans or large trailers, which require additional lines to run correctly and special back up lightning functions.

Of course, if you need additional info regarding this matter, please, contact us and our technical support will be more than glad to help!



  • Ultracompact size with a comfortable, quick and easy assembly. Wire connections include plug connectors to save time and any possible assembly errors.
  • Fog Lights Switch-off self-system on the vehicle, with either one or two lamps, when the trailer or caravan are connected, to prevent bothersome light reflections without wire cutting on the vehicle.
  • Suitable for all vehicles using 12 and 24 volts Battery.
  • Inactivity Detection when the Electronic Module is not being used and consequently activation of a low comsumption mode to avoid any possible battery discharges.
  • Ready to check with a leds tester without strange effects.
  • CE Compliance with the 2004/104/EC directive.
  • It includes an important Security Function: when there is a failure on the turn lamps from the trailer, the module automatically derives this function to the tail lamp. It works like in the substitute system lights, incorporated to some vehicles on their own rear lights.
  • It only uses last generation electronic components, no old fashioned mechanical light activation through relays.
  • Easy re-configuration for vehicles with fog light activation by mass, i.e. Chrysler Voyager or Suzuki Vitara.
  • Socket and wires quality in agreement with the ISO 6722 norm to support temperatures between -40ºC to +105ºC.
  • A lower cost electrical wiring kit with better results than most specific wiring kits, that needed a different pack for each maker or even for each model of vehicle.