Our Universal Wiring Kit offers a practical solution to assembly the towbar’s electrical system in most vehicles, preventing any warning failures in the vehicle’s dashboard and also, errors by overloads within the electrical system of the car itself.


It is fully compatible with many (and more to come) electrical systems in the vehicles, such as:

  • CAN-BUS System.
  • Double Function Lamps (side/fog or side/stop), forwarding the signal to the towbar or caravan lamps correctly.
  • Check-Control system: failure detection of lamps SFL.
  • Lamps with activation by mass in cars like Jaguar S-Type or Chrysler Voyager.

Our kits come in two versions for 7 or 13 pin sockets:

  • As a general guideline, 7 pole socket kits are used by default for trailers, where the installation is simple and doesn’t need a direct supply +12V.
  • 13 pin socket kits are used in more complex cases, such as caravans, where additional lines for the system are required, and constant tension is needed. It also incorporates the backup light function. Any doubts about which one to choose? Please, don’t hesitate to Contact us to help you.

We also carry upon request extra functions in our kits, such as C2 control system, which is a bulb failure acustic warning. In Germany, Austria and United Kingdom it is obligatory that the driver is notified either by a visual or an audible signal that the indicators are operating correctly.